The Shooting Basics

From Institute Director of Basketball, Coach Matt Barnett

Proper Footwork: It is important to have good balance and good rhythm going into every shot that you shoot, this builds confidence for game situations. Make sure that you have your weight evenly distributed between both feet before going into a shot and practice your shot with focus on your feet to develop a rhythm and routine for your game situations.

Aim at a Small Target: Find a small target on the rim or the backboard and focus on that target all the way until the ball is released. Doing this will help you focus on the shot and the target.  

Releasing the Ball: Be sure to have the ball sitting on the pads of your hands. When you release the ball, let it roll off of your pointer finger and middle finger toward your target. After each shot you should end with your pointer and middle fingers pointing to the target. 

Michele Bergh