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The Institute's Nutrition Program 

Alongside physical therapy, nutrition therapy for post-procedure recovery can significantly impact the outcomes you will have from your healing process. While the body is in a state of healing, we need more sleep and also more nutrients. There are also several foods that can help alleviate excess inflammation which can impairs recovery. Through the PRO-FORMANCE nutrition program you will receive nutritional guidance to provide the optimal healing environment for your body.

During your complimentary 15-minute PRO-FORMANACE Nutrition Consult, you will receive

·       An overview of the general guidelines for post-procedure nutrition

o   Anabolic repair

o   Protein needs

o   Relevant vitamin/mineral recommendations

o   Fluid/hydration needs

·       Recommendations for anti-inflammatory foods that correlate to your phase of recovery

·       Supplement recommendations to prevent possible nutritional deficiencies

If you would like additional nutritional guidance throughout your PRO-FORMANACE experience, you can purchase the PRO-FORMANACE Recovery Nutrition Package for $240. This 4-session package implements nutrition strategies that correspond with the different phases of your recovery

Session 1 – Preserve muscle integrity and augment repair

Session 2 – Reduce inflammation and improve gut health for nutrient absorption

Session 3 – Transition into training – Modify macronutrients to fuel muscle development

Session 4 – Athletic maintenance – Fine-tune the diet to optimize performance


The PRO-FORMANACE Recovery Nutrition program will help you better understand the important role that diet plays in repairing and strengthening the body. You can expect to gain awareness of the relationship between the different phases of your energy expenditure and consumption, better understand macronutrients and how to utilize them in performance, and take away a nutrition education that can be applied to your lifestyle for the long term.