Here at the Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute, we provide kids, ages 7-18 years old, a place to come exercise that is unlike any kids program that you would receive from any other gym. We offer a variety of different classes including our Freshman classes (ages 7-11), Junior Varsity classes (ages 12-14) and Varsity classes (ages 15-18), as well as speed and agility and strength clinics for kids of all ages. What separates The Institute from your run of the mill gym, besides our incredible trainers and state of the art facility, is the fact that we will not only provide the best quality training for you and your child, but we strive to also build character in all of our younger clients and instill the right work ethic to help them succeed in and out of the facility.


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freshman CLASSES - Kids 7 - 11 Years OLD

The Freshman Program at The Institute is for kids 7-11 years old and is tailored towards athletes of all athletic abilities and backgrounds. Our coaches will focus on building the right foundation for the kids and provide a fun and friendly environment that is conducive to learning and training the correct way. This program is geared towards the basic fundamental development of all sports and all skill sets. The kids will be learning things such as proper stretching techniques, proper movement patterns (running and jumping mechanics), as well as teamwork and the ability to work with a group to complete a common goal. (Relay races and team building drills) If you are looking for a fun, yet safe environment for your child to learn the basics of working out, then you have found the right place.


The JV Program at The Institute is for kids ages 12-14, tailored towards athletes of all sports and athletic abilities. Our coaches will work on furthering the development of the kids training knowledge as well as their work ethic. Having the right knowledge and guidance is key in preventing injury and having the right work ethic is critical to seeing results. It is our goal here at the Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute to provide the most effective, quality training that will allow your child to achieve any goal they may have, as well as, see the results that every athlete wants to see. The coaches will focus on dynamic/static flexibility, overall strength and conditioning endurance, speed and agility, power and strength movements as well as stamina.

varsity CLASSES  - TEENS 15-18 YEARS OLD

The Varsity Program at The Institute is for teens ages 15-18, tailored towards athletes of all sports with at least some weight training knowledge/experience. This program incorporates all facets of an athletic based training program where our coaches will be working on advanced speed, velocity and agility dynamics, power lifting techniques and explosiveness, as well as flexibility and mobility stretches. This is an all-encompassing training program that will not only change the way you work out, but will also change your mentality about working out the correct way. Whether you are in season or out of season, The Institute’s basketball program is the best place to take your game to the next level.