Here at the Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute, we provide kids, ages 7-18 years old, a place to come exercise that is unlike any kids program that you would receive from any other gym. We offer a variety of different classes including our Freshman classes (ages 7-11), Junior Varsity classes (ages 12-14) and Varsity classes (ages 15-18), as well as speed and agility and strength clinics for kids of all ages. What separates The Institute from your run of the mill gym, besides our incredible trainers and state of the art facility, is the fact that we will not only provide the best quality training for you and your child, but we strive to also build character in all of our younger clients and instill the right work ethic to help them succeed in and out of the facility.


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The Academy has something for everyone from general fitness to elite athletes – We recognize that not every athlete has the same training needs. The Hess Sports Performance Academy is a 5-Level progressive athletic development program designed for athletes in grades K-12. The Sports Performance curriculum uses science and technology to increase overall athleticism while preventing injury. classes are organized by age and ability and the program allows kids to progress through the program based on performance in an age appropriate.  Performance levels offer 1 to 4 sessions per week  The Academy starts March 4 and runs throughout the year in four 12 week cycles.


Not only is this program backed by science, it is designed by Steve Hess himself. Steve Hess spent 21 years as head strength and conditioning coach of the NBA’s Denver Nuggets. So he knows professional athletes and he is accustomed to designing programs that improve the performance of athletes. Sean White, our Director of Youth Performance, has 15 years of experience working with young athletes and his personal mission to know and connect with every athlete in the program


This program is for those individuals who are just getting active to serious and elite athletes that want to move their game to the next level.  Let us help get athletes in the best shape possible - we aim to enhance peak performance and to condition athletes to prevent injury

We do Things Different Here – THE SCIPER SCORE


Every athlete who enters the program will undergo a unique assessment that will utilize quantitative data along with on-field drills to determine their own individual SciPer score; the standard measurement of true athleticism. We use field-testing and laser timing to record performance and our testing drills are collected from the NBA, NFL, MLB and MLS. The results of these drills, combined with a DARI musculoskeletal analysis, to look at the joint action and movement patterns, provide us with your unique score and with that we can track your athletic improvement and progression which allows us to guarantee that we can improve athletic performance because the proof is in the numbers!

Using your Sciper Score we can direct and plan your special training program and measure your improvement.

Hess Youth Sports Performance Academy Programs

General Fitness – G-Fit Program


This is a program to increase athletic ability – it is not a sport specific program, rather it will help all athletes become faster, stronger, better for their sport and at the same time reduce their risk for injury.

These general fitness classes are available to boys and girls from Kindergarten through 12th grade. This program is perfect for non-field or court athletes – it is an intro to sports performance. Kids that can benefit from G-fit include:

·       Non-traditional and non-sprinting athletes – swimmers, dancers, golfers

·       Younger kids who are interested in sports   

·       Individuals looking for enhanced fitness

·       Kids who want to increase their cardio fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle  

·       Kids who want to become stronger and learn proper lifting techniques

·       Kids who need a great foundation 

·       Can be used for athletes during their season or during off season

We work with every child’s individual needs – personalizing our programs so that help get kids to live a healthy lifestyle – healthier, stronger more fit. We help kids stay motivated and challenge the mind and body with every workout

Cost: Training classes 2 times a week for $109/month

Youth Sports Performance Program  - Levels 1 – 5


This is true sports performance at it’s best! This program is for athletes who want to take their game to the next level.  These programs take athletes from good to great! This program is perfect for:

     JV athletes that want to make the Varsity team

  •        The athlete who is on the bench who wants to become a starter

          The Recreational athlete who wants to join a competitive team

          Any athlete interested in taking their game to the elite level

          Athletes who want to get stronger, faster, jump higher, stop quicker, or land better

The Youth sports performance program is based in science and backed by technology. We are able to measure and track athletic improvement for all participants!  Through the academy athletes will participate in:

Preparation to Perform exercises to get them ready to work out

  • Linear speed drills

  • Deceleration techniques

  • Change in direction

  • Jump mechanics

  • Overall strength

  • Strength to Power transfer

  • Running Mechanics to achieve top end speed

  • Correct positioning for lifting to help with injury prevention

Cost: Training from 1 to 4 times per week cost ranges from $89 - $179/month

freshman CLASSES - Kids 7 - 11 Years OLD

The Freshman Program at The Institute is for kids 7-11 years old and is tailored towards athletes of all athletic abilities and backgrounds. Our coaches will focus on building the right foundation for the kids and provide a fun and friendly environment that is conducive to learning and training the correct way. This program is geared towards the basic fundamental development of all sports and all skill sets. The kids will be learning things such as proper stretching techniques, proper movement patterns (running and jumping mechanics), as well as teamwork and the ability to work with a group to complete a common goal. (Relay races and team building drills) If you are looking for a fun, yet safe environment for your child to learn the basics of working out, then you have found the right place.


The JV Program at The Institute is for kids ages 12-14, tailored towards athletes of all sports and athletic abilities. Our coaches will work on furthering the development of the kids training knowledge as well as their work ethic. Having the right knowledge and guidance is key in preventing injury and having the right work ethic is critical to seeing results. It is our goal here at the Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute to provide the most effective, quality training that will allow your child to achieve any goal they may have, as well as, see the results that every athlete wants to see. The coaches will focus on dynamic/static flexibility, overall strength and conditioning endurance, speed and agility, power and strength movements as well as stamina.

varsity CLASSES  - TEENS 15-18 YEARS OLD

The Varsity Program at The Institute is for teens ages 15-18, tailored towards athletes of all sports with at least some weight training knowledge/experience. This program incorporates all facets of an athletic based training program where our coaches will be working on advanced speed, velocity and agility dynamics, power lifting techniques and explosiveness, as well as flexibility and mobility stretches. This is an all-encompassing training program that will not only change the way you work out, but will also change your mentality about working out the correct way. Whether you are in season or out of season, The Institute’s basketball program is the best place to take your game to the next level.