The Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute offers professional/semi-pro athletes and collegiate athletes the opportunity to train with some of the best performance coaches in Colorado at our state-of-the-art facility. After all, to be the best you need to train with the best. As one of our co-owners puts it, “this is not the easy answer, it is the ultimate answer”.   


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ProFessional Athlete

Being a professional athlete, it is critical to have a professional facility to train at year-round and call home. Our facility here at The Institute is all-encompassing as our highly qualified staff is well-versed in training all sports from Baseball, Football, Volleyball, Lacrosse and even martial arts. Our sport-specific training regimens are completely tailored to your specific needs as it is our mission to provide our athletes with the most complete and versatile programs possible. One of the things that separates us is our expertise in injury prevention and the recovery options that we can offer to our athletes.

collegiate Athlete

The Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute is the perfect place to prepare yourself for the up-coming season and take your game to the next level. Our goal here at the Institute is to optimize every athlete’s performance by maximizing their physical skills and potential. Our highly qualified coaches will lay out a specific plan to fit every athletes needs, whether in a group setting or one-on-one. Our elite collegiate program at The Institute focuses on everything from athletic based conditioning and endurance, speed and agility training, proper lifting techniques and strength movements, as well as working on flexibility and mobility. Being a high level athlete, injury prevention is always going to be one of your highest priorities and that is why we pride ourselves on providing the best injury prevention protocols in the business.


Yoga for athletes is for individuals who are performance-oriented. If you are pushing your body to it's physical capacity it is imperative that you seek adequate recovery techniques.  Yoga for athletes is one of those recovery mechanisms that allows athletes to perform at their highest potential while helping to prevent injuries. This class will address neural dysfunction and increase blood flow to avoid blood pooling in the lower extremities. Sports performance training and exercise increase the amount of stress on your body; by incorporating both tactical and selective poses this can help to restore movement without over-stretching some of the functional patterns that keep athletes strong in their sport. If you want to go from an average athlete to an exceptional athlete - this class is for you! 


ELITE Baseball Training 


Varsity pitching coach, Max Pavel, offers a unique baseball program for both individuals and teams. 
Most strength & conditioning programs neglect mobility and mobility is key is to top performance.  In baseball, internal and external rotation is used repeatedly when throwing the ball, so keeping or restoring that range of motion helps with both arm and overall body care.  Max utilizes subtle techniques to focus the muscles on retraction and protraction. He also encourages the use of accessory muscles to help you breathe, which helps with mobility and post-game recovery. Max encourages soft tissue work to aid in recovery, as well.

Programs for Individuals include:

  •  Addressing deficiencies in the body through active stretching and better hinge movement
  •  Breathing
  •  Single leg movements
  •  Big body lifts paired with mobility
  •  Core training

Programs for Teams or Groups include:

  •  Speed
  •  Fundamental drills
  •  Getting into right positioning to accelerate properly
  •  Lateral movement
  •  Elements of the individual training

For scheduling and pricing, please call 720-410-8855

Phenom Phactory & Institute Football Program

This program is a position specific skills academy, currently offered for football players ages 10+.  Designed to improve football IQ and performance year-round.  The Phenom Phactory Football program is designed to make athletes more dynamic and explosive. Our program will teach athletes to move more efficiently and increase their overall athletic ability. We believe better athletes make better players and our goal is to build championship football players.

The Phenom Phactory program is based on proven training philosophies that have been developed over many years with athletes of all ages. It is effective and replicates the movements and positions required in football. The stages of development are organized so that the youngest athletes will be able to see progress while the most advanced and talented athletes will be challenged mentally and physically in every workout.




Enhance your team's training and performance with supplemental strength training and conditioning created and executed just for your team's unique needs.  Our experienced training staff will use overall strength and power development to help give your team the edge they need to be ready for the season and/or maintain their fitness in season.  We will develop the program with your coaches' training in mind and work within your team's goals and resources.  You can expect a variety of techniques including movement prep, body positioning, neuromuscular development and proprioception (balance and  coordination).  We recommend 1x a week supplemental training in season and 2-3x a week off season.  Additionally, there are opportunities for private training that build off the group session for personalized programming by sport.

The Institute is currently training the Cherry Creek Bruins, the Dakota Ridge JV and Varsity Hockey teams.  As hockey is a growing part of the school's athletics, they have found the value training in season at the Institute. We are also work with the Real  Soccer u8 Girl's team, one of the premier soccer clubs in Colorado.  The program for this age group is focused on speed and agility work during their off season. 

All programs with Institute trainers are available in and off season with turf rental.  Turf rental is also available for teams and coaching staff to train on.  Please call for details and pricing on either of these programs.


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