The Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute offers one of the most fun, enthusiastic, and rewarding group training environments in the state of Colorado. Our total body conditioning and strength classes are offered to both men and women over 18 years old, regardless of weight training experience or athletic ability. Our goal here at The Institute is to help you reach and exceed your specific fitness goals. Our motivated and knowledgeable staff, who are all CSCS certified, create a fun, safe and enthusiastic, yet structured environment that translates into a very advantageous workout environment that will undoubtedly get you results. All of the coaches here at The Institute are dedicated to providing all of our clients with highest quality workout, but more so are dedicated to keeping you safe as injury prevention is one of our top priorities.


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total body conditioning (Tbc)

The Institute TBC program is not like your ordinary total body conditioning class. It is based off of a structured progression program that is geared towards improving our client’s general health and overall fitness. Being able to utilize our 45 yard indoor turf field and versatile weight room for each hour long class allows our coaches to provide our client’s with the most effective workout possible. This is a high energy, team-oriented class that incorporates dynamic stretching, flexibility/mobility, athletic based conditioning/endurance, resistance training, core strength, functional training, circuit training, as well as nutrition advice. Our one of a kind TBC classes are designed to push you to your limits and get you the results that you have always strived for.

the institute Strength class

The Institute Strength Class that is offered here at the Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute is for men and woman of all ages and athletic backgrounds. Whether you are a bodybuilder looking for a program that will help you go to the next level, or someone who is new to working out, our Strength Class will be equally beneficial. Our unique training approach incorporates a functional progression program that will push you beyond what you ever thought your limits were, as our main focus is to provide all of our clients with measurable results. Our highly trained and highly qualified coaches are dedicated to providing the most effective and rewarding training program possible. Our strength program will show you the proper way to do each dynamic movement without letting you feel uncomfortable as one of our coaches will always be supervising. The safety of our clients is our number one priority here at The Institute.


Power Class

Apply your strength with a purpose. This high-energy class combines the best of both an aerobic and strength workout. Learn how to  transfer power dynamically.  Dynamax balls, deadlifts, dynamic lunging, and sprinting all combine to increase power and strength that can help your sports performance by increasing your reaction time, proprioceptive awareness, stability, balance and speed.  Anyone can take part in this class and movements can be customized  to meet your personal needs. 

boxing class

NEW AT THE INSTITUTE! This High Intensity Training (H.I.T) class will get you in the shape of your life by using a combination of boxing techniques and strength training that will increase your overall endurance and burn fat like never before. If you are looking for a new way to get the results you've always wanted, look no further than this class that will build muscle and burn fat.  You will learn proper punching and bag techniques, participate in push-ups, pull-ups, calisthenics, dynamic stretching, endurance-based strength movements and core stabilization.     

(Please bring your own boxing gloves, if you have them)