PRO-Formance Program

Performance - Recovery - Optimization

This program is uniquely designed to bridge the gap between physical therapy and returning to activity or your sport after you have suffered an injury, or had surgery and subsequently rehabilitation. 

The effect an injury can have on the entire boy is dramatic and too often this is overlooked by traditional therapy.  When you suffer from an injury, the entire body can deteriorate. Crutches, bracing or simple immobility affects the entire body and individuals see weakness or compensation in other parts of the body as an effect of the injury.   

What makes this program unique? This program combines the medical supervision of an orthopedic surgeon, the physical therapist and the expertise of a strength and conditioning coach. Through this program we address the whole body with the goal of healing and strengthening the entire body to get you back to optimal shape. Every program is customized and tailored to each individual – whether they are looking to get back to walking their dog, running a marathon, or playing a sport competitively.  This program is for athletes of any age from professional and collegiate level athletes to the weekend warrior, to anyone who wants to improve their strength and feel great again after suffering an injury. 

Through the PRO-Formance program we address the entire recovery continuum- from Injury – Repair – Physical Therapy – Return to Sport Training – Optimal shape.  Our doctors, therapists and trainers work together to follow you through each step to assure that you are getting exactly what you need to return your body to it’s optimal shape as an assurance that you will be setter, stronger and reduce the likelihood of re-injury.

Here’s what you can expect - First your therapist and trainer will work together to conduct a full evaluation to determine your strengths and weaknesses.  Then, together, along with consultation from your orthopedic doctor, they will design a custom program that will get you back to all the things you love.  Towards the end of your physical therapy/rehab, as your injury is completely healed, you can expect to start working with a trainer in the Panorama Wellness & Sports Institute.  You make have a weekly appointment with both your therapist and your trainer.  As your body gets stronger, you will work more with the trainer and less with the therapist and eventually, you will work primarily with your trainer.  They will address any deficits that may have occurred from your injury and will also address those weaknesses that may have led to your injury in the first place. 

Talk to your physical therapist or consult with our trainers to see if the PRO-Formance program is right for you!

a team approach



This program is for anyone who has had an injury or a surgery who wants to get their body in optimal shape!  Professional and prep athletes getting back to their sport to stay-at home parent’s or executives who want to be stronger and less injury prone in daily living and exercise regimens

  • Doctors, therapists and trainers working in tandem to help you be the strongest and healthiest you can be.
  • Individual testing to determine the areas of focus right for you
  • Unique, customized program created specifically for you
  • Working one-on-one with a trainer and therapist who will make sure that technically you are completing all movements and exercises with the correct posture and body balance.
  • Personal attention that will allow you to excel in everything you do.