The Performance Profile is a comprehensive, objective assessment of your individual physiological fingerprint to appropriately route you to the program and training best suited to your needs, both increasing performance and reducing injury.  There are several  assessment components to each profile, including:

  • Full Body Musculoskeletal Scan done with research grade cameras to understand your strength and power outputs and any potential injury prone areas.
  • Muscle Health Scan to observe muscle size, muscle fuel, muscle size asymmetries, muscle fuel asymmetries, and body composition.
  • Nutritional Assessment and intake to see how your diet is currently helping or hurting your performance goals and what changes need to be taken to improve and reach your goals.
  • Mind Fit Assessment to evaluate your performance readiness through a series of pointed questions.
  • Cholesterol  (Adult)  screening measures your cholesterol levels, including HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, and Total Cholesterol.
  • VO3 (VO2 Max) (Adult and Youth Performance for Sport)- to measure your blend of aerobic and anaerobic abilities and determine training zones specific to your metabolic response to exercise. 

The exact test parameters vary depending on age (youth vs. adult vs. senior) and whether you are seeking to improve your performance for sport or performance for life.


Upon completion of your Performance Profile, your collective date is run through The Institute's proprietary algorithm to determine the appropriate course of action through The Institute's performance system.  You will either be recommended for:

  • PRE-Formance:  Referred to an Orthopedic Doctor and/or Physical Therapist for additional assessment.
  • PRO-Formance: Doctors, therapists, and PRO-Formance certified trainers work together to develop a customized program centered around getting your body to a place of optimal performance.
  • PER-Formance: Performance coaches train you to reach your sport and wellness goals through one or more of the following avenues:
    • Personal Training
    • Group Training- Adult
    • Group Training- Youth
    • Sport Specific Training- Youth
    • Essential Performance Services

 The goal with each Performance Profile test is to help you feel better and do more.  Routing you through our continuum care model allows you to flow back and forth between each course of action as needed.

Performance for Sport

Performance for Life