3 Easy Tips to Kick-Off your Fall Fitness Routine the Right Way


From Institute Director of Performance, Corey Townsend

  1. Be consistent. Make an effort to move every day. Sometimes people have too much inactivity because of desk jobs, lack of time or even muscle soreness. By taking a light to moderate walk or engaging in a callisthenic based workout (think push-ups, sit-ups, or yoga) you can increase blood flow to the muscles increasing recovery.
  2. Ask questions. Often, beginners are intimidated and avoid asking coaches or trainers for help when exercising. It helps as a beginner to know what muscles you should feel working during the exercise. Muscle imbalances or weakness will make stronger muscles take over, causing workouts to become ineffective. So ask away!
  3. Have proper posture. During your day to day activities and during exercises. Not all exercises are for everyone. For example, if you have extremely weak or tight back muscles a lot of chest exercises may end up making you worse off. If you're working out in a class setting and something doesn’t feel right then you may need to adjust your posture or position. If that doesn’t work ask your coach/ trainer (see #2) for a different exercise and they will be glad to assist you.
Michele Bergh