Preparing for the Holidays: 5 Changes to Help you Trim Before the Turkey

  1. Cut your portions in half. With the stress of the holidays comes urges to over-eat.  Often times people confuse thirst, fatigue or micronutrient imbalances with hunger which can lead to overeating so when you are serving yourself, cut the portions in half to help you control how much you eat. 
  2. Do not eat food just because it’s out. There will be plenty of cookies and cakes. Just because they are out for grazing doesn’t mean that you are hungry or that you should eat them. Wait and enjoy the things you truly look forward to in moderation.
  3. Do not go into a dinner party hungry. Make sure you focus on food quality so if you find yourself at an event you can focus on portion control. This will help keep your food quality and calories for the day in balance!
  4. Eat mindfully. Be present when you are eating, this includes chewing your food properly and avoid drinking when eating. If you are out or with friends, try to take a moment from being in the conversation to really focus on what you are eating. This will help you to assess if you are satisfied or hungry. 
  5. Take advantage of nutritious foods and remove emotion from eating. Emotion can just lead to additional consumption of calories. Most green bean casseroles have more calories than nutritional benefit so really look at what you eat before filling your plate. Do not eat it because you feel “obligated” to have a vegetable. If there is not a healthy option then pick and choose to the best of your ability. 
Michele Bergh