Corey Townsend


Corey Townsend is the Director of Performance here at The Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute. Corey began training people about 10 years ago in 2006.

She was always involved in sports and fascinated by the human body and movement patterns. It wasn't until Corey was in college, bored as a business major that she realized the extent of her emulation for health and fitness.

 She immediately switched her major to Human Performance and Sport with a minor in Nutrition. Corey believes in a holistic approach to fitness, nutrition and overall wellness. She began working with a broad spectrum of individuals including special populations (individuals with various ailments, minors, and the elderly) and collegiate athletes. Working with such a diverse group of people allowed Corey to use nutrition as a tool optimize performance, lifestyle and disease management.

 Corey’s Certifications:

• National Academy of Sports Medicine- Certified Personal Trainer - 2006/14
• FiTour Advanced Sports Nutritionist Certified- 2012
• National Academy of Sports Medicine- Special Populations Fitness and Nutrition Specialist - 2015
• Precision Nutrition- Education for Elite Fitness Professionals Certified - 2015

• CFL - 2015
• CFL Gymnastics – 2011
• Outlaw Olympic Barbell Parabellum Series - 2013
• CrossFit Kids Certified - 2014
• CFFootball- 2015

 Corey has had her own independent training business for 9 years which has translated into public speaking, company wellness & leadership programs and various other business ventures. Her well rounded background in the industry lead her to the Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute where Corey is looking to enhance the program while creating long lasting relationships at The Institute and throughout the community.

Ryan Murray