Derek Walters

Derek Walters is also one of our Assistant Directors of Performance here at the Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute. Derek attended Colorado State University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science. He also holds a certification from the American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainers.

As the Assistant Director of Performance, Derek oversees the athletic development programs for athletes of all ages and skill levels. He is a speed and agility specialist that also focuses on acceleration and top end speed for all of his clientele that includes team training, as well as personal, sport specific, training. In addition, Derek’s expertise extends to sport/goal specific training and analyzing these needs for each individual client.

Derek is originally from Colorado Springs, CO, where he grew up playing soccer, loving the outdoors, and also wrestled for Liberty High School. Upon graduation from Liberty, Derek took it upon himself to get involved in coaching and became the assistant coach for the Liberty wrestling team. It was at this time in his life that Derek knew he wanted to pursue a career in health and fitness. Before Derek completed his degree at Colorado State, he was required to complete an internship, which he completed at the Landow Performance Center. It was during this internship that he really began to focus on his goal of becoming a speed and conditioning coach.

“My favorite thing about being a strength and conditioning coach is helping my clients achieve their goals and realizing their true potential as an individual, while improving and exceeding their own expectations of themselves, both physically and mentally.”

“I enjoy nothing more than having my clients realize that they can exceed any goal they have set before themselves. With proper coaching, hard work and dedication, there is no limit that a person cannot achieve. The Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute is the best place for me and I could not imagine doing what I love on a daily basis anywhere else.”

Derek is an invaluable asset to have on our training staff. With his wealth of knowledge and ever willingness to learn the necessary training methods, this great facility would not have the reputation that it does today. 

Ryan Murray