Kris Yanez


Kris attended Southwestern University earning his Bachelors in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, and completed a Sports Medicine internship at the United States Olympic Committee before starting as a Physical Therapy Technician at Panorama.  With his strong background in sports science, Kris joins the Institute as a performance coach, bringing his passion to help others reach their best physical health.  He loves to see a client progress from their starting point to their goal, nomatter how big or small.  As a former basketball and football player he knows that training is a mental and physical battle and wants to build both strengths in his clients to accomplish their goals.  With a variable training style, Kris will adjust to the needs of the client, recognizing those that benefit from an up-tempo and high energy style for motivation or those that may need to slow things down to fully grasp the teachings.  His number one goal is to never stop learning.  In Fall 2019, Kris will be graduating from PIMA Medical Institute furthering his education with a Physical Therapy Assistant credential.  With this drive to keep learning every day, he hopes to inspire his clients to do the same.  In his spare time, Kris enjoys power-lifting, snowboarding, and shooting some hoops.  

Michele Bergh