Joshua Rocha


Coach Rocha graduated with a degree in Health and Exercise Science from CSU in Fort Collins, CO where he also played basketball.  Josh is a former collegiate basketball player, who also competed as a short and long distance track sprinter in high school. Josh understands the importance of preventing injury while training for a prolonged career in sport.

His primary goal for athletes, is to master every muscle in the body and what it does during specific movements.  Josh strives to help athletes remain dynamic yet pain free when playing and in their everyday movements. As a coach he provides unlimited value. “I will do whatever it takes, I will put them through any workout that will benefit them.”  He stays up to date with the best training and keeps his mind open to what he can do better from those in his field.  Josh loves getting to know his clients and seeing them succeed in whatever they want in life.

He believes in trusting the process and empowers his clients to do the same.  Those who invest time in themselves and stick with it will see the difference in the long run.   

Coach Josh specializes in training basketball players wanting to take their game to the next level, at any and all ages.

Michele Bergh