Katie Burdick

Katie Burdick is a graduate from Metropolitan State University in Denver. She majored in Exercise Science and Adult Fitness. While completing her final year of college she also made the decision to become a Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist and got her certification in conjunction with her university graduation.

Katie has always been curious and fascinated by the anatomy of the human body- learning about all the different systems and how they work together. While she was in high school she struggled with a chronic case of shin splints that spanned over the course of a year. This is when Katie found MAT. Within a month’s treatment she was pain free and could resume her active lifestyle with no worries of the shin splints returning.

Her mission as an MAT specialist is to improve the quality of life for people living with anything from mild muscle aches and pains to physical limitations, chronic pain, and acute injuries. Through muscle activation techniques, it is Katie’s wish to help restore functionality to the body.


About MAT - Muscle Activation Technique

MAT is an assessment of range of motion to pinpoint areas in the body where muscle weaknesses may lie. MAT addresses whether muscles can contract by utilizing range of motion assessments, clinical kinesiology strength testing (also called isolated muscle strength testing), and a palpation technique unique to MAT to reinitiate a conversation between the muscles and the brain. This conversation can be impaired due to stress, trauma, and/or overuse.

MAT’s purpose and contribution to the therapeutic world is to restore stability and mobility to every joint in the body. Muscle Activation Techniques accomplishes this through focusing on neuro-muscular communication and fine tuning the body to effectively activate muscles so a client can be free of pain, discomfort, and limitation.

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