Steve Hess

Steve Hess has been a part of the Denver Nuggets organization as the team’s head strength and conditioning coach for 12 seasons. He has been keeping the Nuggets players in top physical form as he oversees all of the team’s weight training, conditioning, mobility, flexibility and nutrition. Steve has had experience working with athletes of all ages, skill levels and sizes. Steve is also credited with the design and arrangement of the Nuggets weight room that includes all the necessary equipment for professional athletes. In addition to providing the Nuggets athletes with the best equipment, Steve also administers personalized training regimens for each individual player on the Nuggets roster. With Steve becoming a part of the team here at “The Institute”, his individualized training philosophy will be implemented into our personal training programs. 
During the off-season, Steve continues to work with Nugget players and other professional athletes. Being a professional athlete is a full time job, even in the off season. The “Institute” is the place where professional athletes and novice athletes can come together during the “off-season” to continue their training regimen’s just as Steve Hess and the Denver Nuggets do. The old saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”. Steve Hess has dedicated his life to not only providing his athletes with the best training programs out there, but he is determined to make every athlete he works with to reach their maximum physical condition. 
Steve is also 1 of 10 trainers in the world that is on the Under Armour training council as well as a part owner of the FORZA fitness and performance center. Steve is also featured on many television networks and programs including NBA Inside Stuff, The Eating Network, and the Altitude Sports and Entertainment Network. 

Before his professional career, Steve graduated from Ithaca College (N.Y), in 1991, where he received his master’s in physical education with an emphasis in sports medicine and a bachelor’s degree in exercise science fitness and cardiac rehabilitation.

As most people enjoy a completely different life outside of work, Steve is not your average workaholic. He lives and breathes the same philosophy and mentality that he preaches to his players every day. When Steve is not at work, he enjoys spending as much time as he can with his wife, Alicia, who is also a health and fitness expert, and his two boys, Jordan and Korey.

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