Zach Petrone

Zach Petrone is a Performance Specialist here at the Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute. Zach attended the University of Arizona and graduated with a degree in Kinesiology. Zach is a Certified Personal Trainer, which he received from the National Council of Certified Personal Trainers. Zach has been a vital part of the team here at the PWSI since he started here when the facility opened. His ability to bring in new customers and retain them can be credited to the relationships he, and the rest of our team, builds with our clients. As well as the level of knowledge and training that is provided here at “The Institute.”

Zach was born in Denver, but then moved to Fort Collins where he grew up. Growing up, Zach played a variety of sports including baseball, basketball and football. Zach played both Football and Basketball at Fossil Ridge High School. In his free time Zach is always finding a way to be active, whether that is fishing, camping, or hunting. As he puts it, “keeping my body moving is what drives me and keeps me motivated every day to do what I love.” Bing able to spend time with his family is also a very important part of Zach’s life.

Zach became interested in personal training at a very early age. His father brought Zach around the weight room at a very early age as he was very involved with sports at this time in his life. “As I became older, I took an interest in how the body moves, reacts and can be pushed to its limits. Since then I have continuously been on a path to better myself through training, as well as watching the growth and success of my clients.”

Zach is well versed in a wide variety of training methods, including team, group and personal training. He specializes in weight loss, muscle growth and function, as well as general fitness and nutrition. No matter what demographic he is working with, Zach’s goal is to provide safe, efficient and effective training in order to reach the specific goals of his clients.

Ryan Murray