Amanda Parker

Amanda Parker, perhaps better known as “Mandy” by her co-workers and clients, is a performance specialist here at the Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute. Mandy graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from Azusa Pacific University. Mandy is a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise specialist, certifications which she acquired from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is also certified through the Silver Sneakers program and will begin to host classes here at PWSI soon.

Mandy is a native of Littleton, CO, where she attended Front Range Christian High School. She played a multitude of different sports growing up including Soccer, Volleyball, and Cheerleading. Mandy grew up playing football with her dad and brothers in the backyard and from that time on, she had a love for sports and began to love the concept of becoming a trainer. Since becoming a part of the Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute, she says, “the most rewarding part of my job comes when I can see the progress that my clients are making.”

In her free time, Mandy enjoys spending her time outdoors, finding new adventures in life and pursuing what makes her happy, fitness. The training team at PWSI is constantly pushing her to grow as a person and as a trainer in this very competitive industry.

Mandy has a unique drive and passion for training that it is not often found. Growing up, Mandy always found herself on a team that did not have “coaches with a fine-tuned program”, as she puts it. In college, her coaches would have her glued to the treadmill instead of having a structured program. Because of this she has been determined to make sure that every person she trains is getting the best possible education and program that includes take-home workouts, nutrition tips, as well as motivation in and out of the gym.

“I can only imagine the skills and level of athletic performance I would have achieved with better training, recovery and nutrition. This is why I am so passionate about helping others achieve their goals and progress past what they ever thought possible.”

Mandy’s specific expertise is in general fitness of movement sports (cheer, dance, gymnastics, parkour and tricking) as well as senior fitness. She can work with athletes of all ages and skill levels with a wide range of fitness goals from weight loss, to gaining muscle, to flexibility and mobility. Mandy is the heart and soul of this team and works as hard as she possible can to achieve her own goals as well helping her clients reach their own goals.

Ryan Murray