The Chauncey Billups' NBA PRE-DRAFT takes place in Denver. It is hosted at the Panorama Wellness & Sports Institute under the direction and guidance of NBA Hall of Fame player, Chauncey Billups, NBA Player Development Coach, David Nurse and Denver Nuggets strength and conditioning coach, Steve Hess.  This program offers players a fully customized training program. 

Everything PLAYERS Need for Success 

Agents and players can choose exactly what they want and need to develop.  They can also take advantage of high altitude training and expert coaching on Chauncey's private basketball court in world class training facility. 

Choose from any combination of the following: 

  • Elite Basketball Training- All workouts customized for each player
  • Mental Coaching - Prepare for the pre-draft team questioning with mock interviews
  • Strength and Conditioning - The ultimate strength and conditioning program to prepare your body and reach your optimal performance level.  Our program will prepare you mentally and physically for what lies ahead.
  • Nutrition and Supplements - Our experts will guide you through your nutritional needs while training.  We will provide nutritionally appropriate meals and supplements throughout the program to help athletes refuel and recover. FitFoods4U will provide chef prepared meals and MetRx will be at your disposal with protein bars/shakes, pre and post-workouts and everything in-between. 
  • Living Accommodations & Transportation  - Convenient, local accommodations with private rooms and secure player access at Home2 by Hilton - less than a mile from the training facility  Transportation is included to get you to and from the training facility daily or anywhere else you need to be within a 10 mile radius. 
  • Recovery Care - We have all the best recovery options available for you - Normatech, Cryo Therapy, Therapeudic Sports Massage, Restorative Yoga, and E-Stem
  • Physical Therapists and Certified Athletic Trainers -  Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers on-site, daily. 


At the Denver pre-draft, both David Nurse and Chauncey Billups will work directly with players to customize workouts. They will highlight each player’s strengths and turn weaknesses from liabilities into assets.  They will utilize in-depth film study, personal analytics breakdowns, high altitude training, mock-interviews with mental coaches, recovery and nutrition coaching, and mentorship on how to be a pro both on and off court from Chauncey Billups. Between Chauncey and David, they have all access to every workout given by all 30 teams throughout the NBA.  They are familiar in advance with the exact drills that will be done at each NBA Team’s workout and they will use this knowledge to help players be prepared for the NBA Combine. 


the HIGH ALTITUDE Advantage

Training at altitude has long been used to achieve a competitive advantage for all types of athletes.  It is particularly effective in sports that require high endurance levels because of the it has numerous positive effects to the body when returning to sea level. Cardiovascular and respiratory improvements allow you to perform at a higher endurance level than athletes who have not had this advantage. 

With Denver being 5,280 feet above sea level, you will be better conditioned in all facets of the game as your body will be able to increase its oxygen carrying capacity and boost its oxygen producing red blood cells to optimize performance and recovery. High altitude training increases your VO2 max, which will dramatically improve your endurance, stamina and overall athletic performance.


Five-time NBA All-Star and Champion, Chauncey Billups, plays in integral role in the Denver NBA Pre-Draft. In addition to Chauncey's expertise, Steve Hess - Denver Nuggets Strength and Conditioning Coach and David Nurse, one of the NBA's top shooting coaches all worked together to on the development and execution of the entire program. Each one of these experts adds a different dynamic and perspective to the program. Chauncey brings with him the experience of going through the NBA Combine and Draft, as well as leadership qualities that make him one of the greatest mentors in the sport to build mental toughness and prepare you for the next level. Steve Hess also brings with him the experience of being around the NBA for more than 20 years as a strength and conditioning coach for NBA players. Steve is one of the most knowledgeable, energetic, professional and motivating conditioning coaches in the business and creates the perfect program tailored for athletes in every position. David Nurse is regarded as one of the best pure shooters in the world and one of the top professional shooting and skills coaches for NBA players. David has been training and mentoring NBA players for many years and is tregarded around the world for his expertise in developing basketball players. Having trained more than 100 NBA players, he knows what it takes to succeed. 


All strength and conditioning programming has been designed by Steve Hess and Felipe Eichenberger.  Because Steve has been working with the NBA Combine for years, he knows exactly what coaches and agents are looking for in their players.  Filipe will work individually with players to provide customized programs.


Nutrition & Supplements

The Denver Pre-Draft will have a certified nutritionist meet with each player to review their specific nutritional needs for the entirety of our program. Balancing the proper amount of protein, fat, carbs and electrolytes is vital to any professional athlete’s success, but that importance is heightened even more when getting the body into optimal shape for the Combine.  The Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute is partnered with FitFoods4U and they will provide all of the players with meals specific to their nutritional needs for the entire 7 ½ weeks. FitFoods4U has worked with The Denver Nuggets, The Golden State Warriors, The Los Angeles Lakers, and the Phoenix Suns - just to name a few. They will provide chef-prepared, pre-cooked and protein packed meals that will be delivered directly to the athletes.  The meals provided are specifically designed for athlete’s to perform at the highest level and are already being used by professional athletes all across the country. With gluten free options as well we stand ready to cater to every player that will be joining us as they get ready for the NBA combine.  In addition to meals, we will also be providing supplementation with MET-Rx products. Athletes will receive pre-workout supplements, in addition to supplements during your workouts and post workout protein shakes and bars to maximum performance throughout the entire program.


As you prepare your body for the participate in the Denver Pre-draft you will need to make sure that you are recovering the right way after training for the day. We will provide the most thorough recovery options for all of our athletes. Our players will have access to NormaTec technology for full body, hip and legs.  NormaTec technology helps athletes train harder, recover faster and perform better. We will also have E-Stim, sports massage therapy, as well as, Cryo Therapy available to enhance the recovery process. Cryo Therapy is available to athletes through the program 2 - 3 times per week. 

For more information email David Nurse