Waking-Up your Backside: Three Exercises to Strengthen your Glutes


Trainer Tip from Institute Director of Performance, Corey Townsend

Get your butt in shape before the New Year! It is time to wake your glute meds up! Performing between two to three sets of fifteen to twenty reps of the following exercises may help improve the strength and function of these muscles.

Clam Shell.jpg

Banded Clam Shells

Place a band right above your knees. Flex your hips and knees so they achieve a 45 degree angle. Keep your feet together then start lifting your top knee up so that tension on the band starts to increase. As you become stronger, you can increase your range of motion.


Monster Walk.png

Monster Walks

For this exercise you can put a mini band around your knees or ankles. Start in an athletic position (hips back, knees slightly bent, and knees out). Keeping your knees rotated out the entire time, take a step up and out and follow it with the back leg so you end in the same position you started in. Now take a step up and out with the other leg. Repeat these steps fifteen to twenty times on each leg. Once you’ve finished walking forward, begin the same movement but this time take steps back and out so you begin walking backwards. 


Side Plank.png

Side Plank Hip Bridge

Resting your bottom forearm on the ground, set yourself up in a side plank position. Bend your bottom knee then bridge your hips off of the ground. Make sure you push your hips forward by squeezing your glutes through. Lift your top leg, heel towards ceiling and maintain this position for a few seconds. You can make this one harder by keeping your bottom leg straight.


Use these tools to help maintain strength and function in your glutes and the rest of your lower body! There are so many other tests and exercises we did not cover in in this post. Contact The Institute team to ask questions and get more details and help!

Michele Bergh