Trust the Process

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From Institute Director of Basketball Coach Matt Barnett

From the first time a young basketball player dribbles a basketball to their final game— whether it be in the NBA, WNBA, or even a high school game—they have been a part of a process to become the best player they possibly can. Basketball players are some of the best athletes on this earth. But athletic ability alone is not what makes them so great. From a young age there has been a coach that has taught them the proper way to shoot, dribble, pass, and complete. Countless hours in the gym as a young player set the stage for the young player’s career. Having a great coach, mentor, support staff and proper guidance is all part of the process. It is important that you have a coach who understands that building a basketball player takes time and patience.

Great three-point shooters don't start by practicing at the three-point line. They start by working on their footwork form and concentration at a young age. A great ball handler doesn't start with advanced one on one moves. They start with the basics of learning the proper way to travel with a basketball with their head up and with complete control of the ball using both hands.All these of skills are taught at a very young age in a basketball player’s career. Their path to being great isn't without positive coaching, patience and great guidance. So please trust the process. Eventually that young player who is just learning to play will enjoy a lifetime of basketball success, great friendships, and a love for a sport they can play for life.

Michele BerghProcess, Basketball, Coach