Three Ways to Maximize your Recovery

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Trainer Tip from Institute Director of Performance, Corey Townsend

  1. Increase your circulation. If you have access to a pulsating recovery system like Normatec or Footbeats, use it; otherwise simply rolling your muscles with a foam roller or large frozen water bottle can help to get your blood moving. These systems help buffer lactic acid, quickly ridding your body of negative waste products from workouts that can increase recovery time.

  2. Post workout stretching. It is important to maintain range of motion in stressed muscles. As stressed muscles begin to recover they will tighten up in the positions you “rest” in throughout the day. This includes sitting at your desk or in your car etc. The stiffness will make recovery difficult. Continuous movement and light stretching throughout the day is encouraged.

  3. Refueling the right way. Micronutrients and minerals are imperative for proper muscular function—and when you are sweating or working your muscles these nutrients become depleted. This includes magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium and iron to name a few. If you are not absorbing these from foods after your workout, liquid supplementation maybe necessary to keep them in balance. Drinks or snacks like chocolate milk, eggs, or avocados can help refuel your body after a workout.

Michele Bergh