The 3:1 Ratio: playing games versus skills drills


Training Tip from Institute Director of Basketball, Matt Barnett

Most can agree that playing the game is the fun part of basketball. Today, young players are playing a disproportionate number of games and not spending enough time working on the fundamentals of the game of basketball. It is important that young basketball players work on their skills at a 3 to 1 ratio, meaning three hours of skills training to one hour of gameplay. We often overlook the reason for the success of a great basketball player – the tremendous skill set that they possess. Those skills were not developed during gameplay. Although playing in games can teach basketball IQ and teamwork, possessing a skill set is what truly allows a player to excel at the game of basketball. Not all basketball players are blessed with tremendous athletic ability or height., we must remember that size and athletic ability will only get you so far. The greatest players in the world also work daily on improving or polishing the actual fundamental skills. 

Michele Bergh