Better than VO2 Max Testing - VO3


The Institute introduces VO3 Max Testing to help you precisely measure how many calories YOU burn in each zone of training!

Test your Cardiovascular Exercise Intensity (CEI) now at The Institute! our CEI is a large factor in determining your training results.  An elevation from VO2 Peak Profiles, VO3 Peak Profiles delve extensively into your best blend of aerobic (“cardio” or endurance when your muscles are using oxygen to create energy) and anaerobic (known as high intensity when your muscles are not using oxygen to create energy) abilities. This added level of measurement results in superior results that direct your best blend of aerobic to anaerobic workouts.

Currently, the average heart rate formulas for measuring maximum exercise intensity use 220 minus your age (for example, 220 minus 23 results in a maximum heart rate of 197), however that basic formula does not fit 97% of the population.  Monitoring your heart rate without knowing your true training zones means that your training will be less impactful in achieving your goals.  

The VO3 profile takes just 15 minutes and measures your aerobic and anaerobic abilities, and uses that information to determine training zones specific to your metabolic response to exercise.  This gives you maximum results per unit of time and let's us know precisely how many calories you burn in each zone.  All this means more efficient and more effective workouts specific to you!

Testing appointments are available in 45 minute blocks on selected Monday and Thursdays 5-9 a.m. and 3-7 p.m.  Dr. Neil Wolkodoff, the Medical Director of the Colorado Center for Health and Sports Science will now be running these tests so that you can measure your training results.

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Cost: $200


For more information on VO3- please visit Dr. Neil Wolkodoff's website at:

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