5 Keys to Becoming a Great Shooter

Basketball Tips and Tricks From Institute Head Basketball Coach Matt Barnett

  1.  Start from the bottom and work your way up. Understanding balance and a proper base with your feet will increase power and accuracy
  2.  Keep the path of the ball moving in a straight line. This is accomplished by keeping your hand and elbow underneath the basketball to lift it to the hoop, not pushing the basketball for power.
  3.  Shooting the basketball is like shooting for the bull's-eye. Your eyes should pick out a small target on the rim, many shooters just look at the room only. You don't get points for hitting the rim you get points for the ball going through the hoop. Find a small target and aim for that target every time.
  4.  Proper release of the basketball will result in great success. Releasing the ball off of your pointer finger and middle finger last one sure proper backspin and great accuracy. The approach of the ball to the room should be at 45° for Ultimate success. Holding your fall through at your Target that your eyes have picked up will increase your shooting percentage.
  5.  Repetition. Shooting a basketball is one of the hardest skills to master in any sport. Practicing the correct way and the same way hundreds of times a day will start your path to becoming a great shooter. 
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