3 Tips for Picking your Best Coach


From Institute Director of Basketball, Coach Matt Barnett

There are a lot of options for players to work with different types of coaches. There are coaches from club and feeder teams, individual coaches, and high school coaches. With so many options you should be able to find the right fit for your player. Here are three things for you to keep in mind to help you find the right coach.

  1. Coach’s communication. Be sure that the program or coach that you are choosing is not only a good at communicating with players but also with parents. A lot of frustration will stem from not knowing when private sessions are, where practices take place, or any other logistic information so be sure that your coach will be keeping you up to date. Also, be sure that the coach is communicating to you what their goal is for the season and for your player. Finally make sure that your coach is keeping you informed of player progress.
  2. Coach’s qualifications. There are a lot of coaches out there doing individual training that are not qualified. Make sure the coach that you choose has experience working with players on all levels. Just like your player, you don't want your coach to have already reached their full potential in their field. It is very easy for coaches to watch videos on YouTube or social media and repeat them on the floor. They may look good at first, but you should be sure that the coach is actually teaching the technique to your player and that the skill is useful in game situations. Don't be fooled by coaches who like to teach tricks instead of actual basketball skills.
  3. Coach’s reviews. Word-of-mouth is the best endorsement. Be sure to ask around in your basketball community of coaches and trainers that they have worked with or heard of your prospective coach. Most of the time, those coaches and trainers that are involved in the community will have the most connections to help your player reach their potential. Don't get caught chasing shiny objects when it comes to your player’s future. Choosing the right coach and trainer for your player’s development, especially at a young age is important in fueling their passion for the game.

Hiring a coach is similar to any hiring process, use these tips to help you make the best decision for your player—check communication, qualifications, and references.

Michele Bergh