The Reprecussions of a Sedintary Lifestyle-The Modern Day Posture


The human body is a complex muscular chain that acts as a mechanism that can perform incredible tasks, endure painful and taxing stressors, and adapt to operate in adverse situations.  Unfortunately, for most people, all we ask our bodies to do is sit in a chair all day and “take a long walk” to the car after it’s all over.  Children sit in classrooms for hours on end while their physical education programs are being cut.  Adults sit at their desk all day typing away on their keyboard and don’t have time for a simple mid day walk.    

Think back to hundreds of years ago when getting dinner meant hunting and gathering, instead of going to the grocery store.  Kids playing a game meant going outside and competing rather than linking into their Xbox.  Heating the house meant going out to gather and chop wood instead of turning the heat up on a thermostat.  As a population, in modern society, we have become incredibly sedentary.   With this sedentary lifestyle, we are experiencing the repercussions. 

These repercussions aren’t always immediate and might never be “felt” outside of a little back or shoulder pain and tight hips.  However, by limiting the body to unhealthy movement patterns, unhealthy joint function and when the time comes to move or perform, you can’t live up to the potential that you should have.  Movement seems easy until it isn’t.  This modern day postural epidemic is basically a handcuff that keeps us from moving and functioning the way our bodies were supposed to.  This posture consists of a few big factors:

  • Shoulders rounding forward
  • Upper back is rounded forward
  • Lower back is arched back
  • Neck is arched back
  • Hip girdle sits in a forward tilted position

Chances are if you’re sitting at a desk right now, you fit a lot of these characteristics. To take that a step further, if your sitting at a desk and desk right now, and then stand up, you’ll fit these characteristics even more. 


MOVE.  After all, humans are meant to move and be active on a daily basis.  While sitting at a desk all day is a necessity for most people due to a job or school, we need to help ourselves out by being as active as we can outside of these posture killing activities.  On top of moving,  see a fitness professional that can assess and treat your postural/movement dysfunctions. 

Next time you look in the mirror, take a deeper look and ask yourself if you fit the characteristics listed above; If you do, get an assessment and if you aren’t sure, get an assessment.  We live in a sedentary world and that needs to be combated with proper training and proper movement.


Adam McLaughlin

The Panorama Wellness and Sports Institute


Ryan Murray