Mental Development: Tyrone Swoopes provides example of how to handle adversity

Tyrone Swoopes is a senior quarterback at Texas. He started last year and lost his job to a freshman. The Longhorns hosted 10th rated Notre Dame to kick off the 2016 season. It was tabbed as the game of the week and was ABC’s prime time spotlight game and instead of leading his team during such a big game he was abruptly demoted to a second stringer.

Instead of having a negative disposition to his situation Swoopes stayed positive. He was very supportive of his freshman teammate who replaced him as the starter. Instead of focusing on what he couldn’t control, he instead focused on dominating what he could control. Every time the camera panned to the sideline Swoopes had his helmet on and was always close to a coach ready to go in when his number was called. 

Swoopes may not have started, but without his contribution Texas would not have won. You cannot think negative and produce positive. His positive disposition allowed him to manufacture positive results. As a result his coaches, teammates and the 102,000 in attendance developed a trust in him and during the last play of the game the coaches called his number and of course he delivered with a game winning touchdown!
Swoopes’s attitude should serve as an example  of how to respond  when the ball doesn’t bounce our way.

  •  He stayed ready so he didn’t have to get ready
  • He accepted his role
  • He then embraced his role
  • He then dominated his role
  • He used his role to be a difference maker


Michele Bergh