2019 Intense Basketball Training - Sept 25 - Oct 30


IBT is basketball-specific conditioning and skills training, focusing on mind body connection to help each player reach their optimal performance level.

• All classes will be conducted on the Chauncey Billups Court at the Institute

• Players will have a ball in their hands the entire hour

• Areas of focus are agility, jump training, lateral movement, hand-eye coordination, acceleration, deceleration, balance and core strength

• The class will use Spalding Training Tools like Weighted balls, ball sleeves, and dribbling goggles

• Players can expect to use foot ladders, hurdles, and resistance bands

Class Schedule

·       Boys & Girls Grades 4th to 8th

o   Wednesdays – September 25th to October 30th - 6:00PM to 7:00PM


·       $120


·     If you have questions, please· call 720-410-8855

Michele Bergh